Soft pastels I've painted

I painted this from a video demo. with Richard McKindily (pardon my misspelling)! I painted it on 140lb. Canson aquarelle c.p. watercolor paper coated with a few coats of ArtSpectrum colorfix pastel primer for Pastels in the color of Aubergine.bgreat to show of the brighter colors in the scene because it’s dark value. I used Rembrandt artists pastels and Jack Richeson semi-hard artists pastels and Mount Vision artists pastels. Then I used Spectrafix orderless fixatif as the last step spray to darken some of the colors in the piece. Hope you enjoyed looking thanks…jaybird… 20201211_071425-1|557x500, 75%

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I did enjoy looking at it. It’s very pretty. Love the light reflections in the water.