Statue Of David

I’ve found a new genre of art I am exploring. STATUES! Really happy with this one. I plan on doing more. Graphite and white charcoal.


Interesting topic! Great job, can’t wait to see more!

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Very nice. I love the statue of David. Long ago, I did a drawing of his head and then I did an oil painting. He is very popular. Good choice.

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Great combination. I look forward to seeing more.

Looking forward to viewing your next STATUE!

Hi Logan, this is great! David is a great one to start with! Love your highlights!

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Nice work Logan. Love the highlights. :+1:

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Thanx, Megamuffin and jamescdeering!


very nice,i just love to see the interesting ideas and creative ways that the artists express their work. and i notice you placed subject over to the
side , love it. tom