Stippled pen and ink

I was pleased to come across a detailed HDR uncopyrighted photograph. The subject perfectly matched my interest in drawing abandoned sites of archaeological significance. I believe the site is in Turkey but I may be miles out! It was an interesting challenge using an intricately detailed source. It too three weeks on and off, with periods of mindless rest, to ease my weary eyes (and wrist). I am happy with the final result which, while not perfect, was close to my original intent.


Excellent!! So detailed, I can only imagine the hours upon hours you put into it, but well worth it, so well done!

Thanks for your kind words. Although I enjoy stippling, I am usually relieved when it is finished! I also use pastels (soft and sometimes oil), coloured pencils and graphite pencils. I used to paint in oils before I moved here in Spain from the UK but these took up too much space so I gave them to friends. I recently tried my hand (again) at watercolours but have not been very successful. I sometimes think I should stick to black and white and leave colour to those more imaginative than myself. I am tempted to sign on for the watercolour course to add to my recent enjoyable stint with the coloured pencil course. This will be my belated New Year’s resolution! Stay safe.