The gentle touch

Pastel drawing 16 x 16 inches, drawn onto dark grey Clairefontaine pastel mat using a selection of pastel pencils. Still working on this. I’ve overworked the skin colour in places but, on the whole I think it’s turned out ok so far. With thanks to Amy Von Heerden for her photo ref.


I love, love, love this picture. I bet these roses were a gift for her Mama. I can remember picking some daffodils over the fence in our neighbors yard, and Mother making me go tell the lady who grew them that I was sorry for picking them without her permission. She asked Mother to let me stay there for the remainder of the afternoon. She took me through all the flowers and told me I could pick from those spaces she had been growing. I went home and told my Mother that the ‘girl’ next door showed them to me. The ‘girl’ was at least 85 years old. After that she would bring yeast rolls to our house every Friday. She lived on 1/2 the block, we lived on the other half in a small town. She had to have had a lot of different kinds, from silver bells to giant flowers. She had them separated by stone walkways throughout. I got to spend the night with her a few times.

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Thankyou lilnora. Deb

This is great. I love it!

Deb. This is absolutely beautiful. The title is perfect as one can actually feel how gentle these hands are holding those gorgeous flowers. Great job!

Thankyou Denise, Deb

Thankyou Patricia, the hands belong to a little boy. I just loved the composition when I saw the photo, hence my drawing. Deb