The Life and Times

This is a recent watercolor of a photo I took while walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I have kind of mixed feelings about my treatment of it. I know it looks a bit awkward with the perspective plus the fact that the building is on a slope. Friends have told me they ‘love it!’ but you know how those guys are. Anyway, would like to hear some feedback. Thanks


I think it is lovely. I know how the buildings are over there and they are, in reality, sometimes out of whack. LOL! So, it looks great to me. I think what contributes to the feeling is the balcony overhang being right along the vertical lines. It is fine, but it may contribute to your feeling of wonky perspective. The colors are beautiful and I love the shadows. I think, of all things, I would try to make more highlight on the trees to show the sun shining on them. Good job.

Hi JDB! I agree with Ginny. You did a great job with this watercolor. My perception is that your light source is on the right side and hits the building full force but when I look at the shadow under the balcony, it seems at odds with the shadows that clearly come from the vegetation on the right and the partial wall (or building on the side). Perhaps that is why you find some of it awkward. For me, it still looks excellent (although I do find the fine line on the middle (inclined) roof a little strange - like a contour line that shouldn’t be there perhaps?). I would buy this.

This is beautiful. If someone is bothered by it, tell them the architect was a little tipsy, lol.

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Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate any and all feedback.