Ink and watercolor NOLA house

I like the “loosey-goosey” look of watercolor and ink, especially with the buildings in New Orleans. Does it add character, or distraction?


Hello Ivey! I wouldn’t change a thing to this. This is a perfect combo for this type of building. Thanks for sharing. Well done!


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This worked out great. Love it.

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A lovely rendering of the NOLA house - I like that it is not centered. You did a great job of making the sidewalk and the windows shaded. The doors upstairs might not be as light because they are in the roof shadows. Nicely done!

This is such a good job of a house in New Orleans. I think your pen and ink with the watercolor is a great way to bring out detail. Thanks for sharing!

I love the details of NOLA architecture. You did a masterful job