Family Matt House portrait pen and ink course

Here is the house from the tutorial, I have enjoyed a lot drawing it. Thanks Matt.


That turned out great! You got those hatching and perspective down. I must admit, I did start this one but never finished.

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I agree with @junenez , the perspective and hatching are awesome! It’s crazy, because not only did you draw the base of the house, but the texture lines on the wood and shadows are running along the perspective grid as well! You should be proud! :clap:

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Many thanks for your words.

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You did a great job. Love it.

Thank you so much Denise

Very nice. I’m working my way through this course (I’m on the rose at the moment) and I really hope my drawing comes out as nicely. I think maybe the only suggestion I can make is perhaps a bit more hatching in the cast shadow area in the front. It seems a bit light and the lines are equidistant to each other. But really! This is wonderful.


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Great job! I made mine way too busy and a lot smaller. I think I’ll re-do the entire course making the subjects at 8x10 instead of 4 x 6" or 5" squares. I feel like I’m finger painting compared to you guys.


I loved that course and I should redo also! Be interesting to see if better the second time around

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Sure your do it much better,