Watercolor beachhouse

My husband says I’m progressing and that’s good enough for me. Drawn, inked and watercolor pencils and watercolor.


Wow. Beautiful

I really, really LOVE this medium. how long have you been painting? they say watercolor is one of the hardest forms of painting to master…

to me eyes, your doing really well.

I want to be in this painting. Beautiful!

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I started here, by watching Matt. I was a graphic designer for a magazine YEARS ago, so ink appealed to me. Adding watercolor pencils was just natural. I did paintings for my kids for last Christmas, that’s when I started.

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I wish I was back there. It’s still there, I understand; Hurricane Michael didn’t wash it into the Gulf.

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Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful painting. I get a sense of your personal touch in there. The perspective is good, the vegetation full of life and movement and the fence very realistic. The only thing I find distracting is the line at the bottom of the forefront fence. Still, I would be proud to hang this on my wall. Patricia.

I can smell the salt air. Without the big yellow sun in the corner of your painting, your beach house has a nice bright appeal - one of the many allures of the beach. I think your painting is utterly charming!

Great detail for watercolor (or anything else for that matter). Good job!