The Year in Trees

Tree of Spring

Tree of Summer

Tree of Autumn

Tree of Winter

These are all sharpie and colored pencil on brown craft paper. I did the Tree of Autumn first and posted it a little while back. It was my first try at this style. I fell in love with it and did more trees and some other things, which I will post separately.



Wonderful how you incorporated the colors of each season in the trees.


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These are wonderful. Love them

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Initially, I did not notice but I see it now.
Very Good!
Is it Abstract Nature imitating man? or Abstract man imitating nature?
Very Creative.

Your beautiful trees remind me of neurographic art… they feel like a zentangle, soothing and therapeutic way of drawing. I love them!!
I made a neuographic drawing before I started drawing with other materials. Nothing like your calm relaxing trees. Mine showed my state of mind at the moment :crazy_face:

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What a wonderful series! I am always in awe of abstract wokr and you have done an amazing job. Love the colors you choose for each season.

Hi Ginny -
What a distinctive style. I really like it.

Terri Robichon

Beautiful set of artwork….I love the colours and energy they convey.