Tree of Autumn (First of Four)

I thought I would just do something quick and easy to just have a little fun. So, I got out one of my sketchbooks and decided to do a little tree. Well, I love it so much! I decided that I would make a series of trees for the four seasons. This is mixed media (colored pencils and sharpie) on 9×12 tan-toned sketch paper. Next up? Winter, of course.



Love the abstract design of your tree. So very creative!


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I really really like your tree for so many reasons. Mostly because it gives me a calm feeling. There are no corners, the shapes all seem to belong together yet feel free floating. Great choice of colors.

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Why thank you, Maxine. I’m so glad that it gave you that feeling. It gives me that feeling just to work on it. I have trees for all the seasons. I will post them separately as a set.

Oh great Ginny. I’ll be watching for them! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Teri. I really enjoyed doing this and all the others that I have done since. I just posted them. I have wanted, for many years, to be able to make a beautiful abstract. Well, I think I have hit it. I have made a lot of ugly art to get here. LOL!

Hi Ginny,

Boy, do I understand that! I have a folder full of ugly art that I keep looking at and see how far I am coming along. I will look for your post later.


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So pretty! :star_struck: The colored pencils are nice in contrast to the solid marker! Very free and flowly, it shows that you had fun! :clap: :smile: