Tiger in colored charcoal

This was done in colored charcoal pencils. I messed it up by spraying with fixative but was able to touch it up afterwards.
I’ve been a member for a few years ow ad this is my first post.



Fantastic! The colors are wonderful and that tiger looks fierce!
Thanks for sharing


Hi Pete. So happy to have you participating here in the forum. Hope you’ll continue to get to know us, your fellow artists. Nice job on the tiger.

Terri Robichon

You did a great job with the Beautiful tiger. :tiger:

This is really beautiful! Thank you for posting it.


Thanks you you are too kind!

This looks GRRRReat! I could not resist. Looking forward to seeing more of your art. Thank you for sharing>

Hello Peter,

You are Peter who is at the live lessons, correct?

This is amazing! I do like charcoal and have some charcoal tinted pencils, are the Derwent or another brand. Are they the water-soluble ones?
The colors are really brilliant.

I hope you begin to share more of your artwork!


Hi Teri and thanks. I got them from Grizaye.I think they are affiliated with colored pencil magazine. I bought a kit that came with 12 pencil, the reference image and a couple of pieces of the black paper.

And yes it’s me from the live lessons.

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Looks very authentic ……great use of colours and paper to make that face ‘pop’…great work!

@PeterV , WOW, this is awsome!


Peter, well done. I’ve tried creating tigers and orange cats but never get the color right. Truly well done. Thank you for posting.

Thank you for the kind words. It was a fun project and I also did a white tiger that came out okay.

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Hoping you share more of your artwork!