Bengal "Eye of the Tiger"

My first attempt at drawing Bengal tiger with Prismacolor Premiers on Strathmore Toned Grey Mixed Media paper 300. It’s a great feeling when things begin to look halfway decent during the drawing process. I have tried various techniques to improve such as working one area at a time, rather than blasting the paper with every color that I think will work for the entire piece. I appreciate your critiques.
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Wow! Awesome details!

Thank you Kari! I appreciate your response.

Of course, I look at it and see all of the flaws in it.

But we all enjoy going “back to the drawing board” anyway.
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I do that same thing. But it helps me to stay focused on the original feeling I had when I started. I’ve started asking myself the question of; does this work bring across the feeling that was intended? I don’t touch it for a day or two, just put it on the mantle, walk passed and glance. If what bugged me does not stand out anymore, I call it finished.
I recently created some painting for my daughter and although I wanted it to keep working, she loved them as they were. That was the sign to stop.

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Nice work here. I am doing the “Desest Landscape” Matt did on a live lesson using Prisamcolor and mixed media also. He did it in watercolor. Just started and every time i go back to the desk i see new things that im not happy with .I think when im finished the piece look better then im seeing it now.
I like the shading along the nose and the intensity in the eyes. I know what you mean about various teniques ,as im doing mine im also putting marks on watercolor paper to see if it lays better. not sure yet.
thanks for sharing. tom

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I think it is great. I love it.

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Thanks Denise, you’re too kind.

This is really nice. You’ve got great expression. Love your colors.

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I’m new to Prisma Colored pencils. I think you did very well here…esp. being your first try.

Thank you. Prismacolors are my favorite for going on smoothly and color blending. However, some of the colors tend to break or

crumble faster than say, Caren d’Ache, Derwent or Polychromos. Someone gave me a set of a “off brand” of colored pencils and they seem to work well for both blending, and keeping their integrity better. This was my first try on a tiger, but Prismacolors were definitely my “go-to” medium for most of this drawing.
Thanks for your comment.

Thanks Thomas… I’m very appreciative of your insight on this.

Thank you Lori, I really appreciate your kind feedback.