Rhino in graphite and white charcoal

Hi all! I am a newbie here and happy to meet you all.
Wanted to share my rhino from Matt’s tutorial. Boy was this paper rough but it was the only gray paper I had on hand and didn’t know how much I would be fighting it the whole time. In the end I think the texture is ok considering the wrinkly subject. I never thought to use graphite with white charcoal before this. Started a baby elephant this weekend (on smoother paper) and hope it comes out as good without Matt’s instruction! Wish me luck :slight_smile:


This is great Wonderful job.


@Val_T great work. Love the texture.

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Great drawing, it’s very nice how you can see the stucture in the drawing.

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Considering the subject I think the choice of paper is perfect. It captures my eye and adds interest. Very nice. tom

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