Timed Drawings / The Gear

This goes back a few months but my attempt on The GEAR didn’t go well. Anyone else have trouble lining up the 2 sets of gears and include shading as well as Ashley did? . He made it look so easy given the time allowed. Have to give that one another try. tom

Was it the gear or the bolt…I did the reflective lighting but it was a bolt.
Can’t see the picture in my view here?

most likely the bolt was not correct either, but the gears were all off. I forgot about this drawing until now. So ,ill give it another try now that I’m looking at Ashleys well done drawing. tI tried it a few times and did not get it right. Thanks for the heads up on this. wont have to stress over an idea to draw tomorrow. I did not publish my attempts . tom

Seeing if this will show the bolts I drew?

This is the bolt for reflective lighting I drew!

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Beautiful @theresebriggs ! I can see the reflections, that’s not easy to do! Well done! Jesus loves you!!!

Thx! And
He Loves us all!!

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