Tips to draw this feather in pencil?


It is called an Aftershaft, Filoplume, or Philoplume and it is used by trout fly tyers like myself. It is located underneath the main outside feathers of some birds like a pheasant.

I am going to watch the How to Draw a Feather tutorial and see if it would help me draw this feather in graphite pencil.


Hello @paulw remember that the secret lies in getting values correct. Good luck.



There is a lesson on the VI on how to draw a feather with pencils. Here is the link:

How to Draw a Feather (

Hope that this helps


I have been meaning to start that one for months and now I will. Different feather but I know I will learn lots that I can apply because VI is amazing!

Thanks Teri!!!


Paul, I was wondering how you fared with drawing your fur-like aftershaft feathers.

Hi Tanya! I have not taken the time yet. I want to watch the feather video and draw that or part of it first!

Thanks very much for checking in!

Would it be ok with you if I use your photo as a reference and give it a try, too?

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Oh!!! For sure!!!

Sorry, I just noticed your post. Please do!


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Do you need one of them laid out in a particular way Tanya? By itself maybe?

I am a fly tyer and have many different types of feathers (all legal - I am not a salmon fly tyer hehe) I can take pictures of different kinds of feathers and post them.


The photo you sent should be fine, thank you. The photo shows the texture and sheen of the feathers. Some of the barbs are like individual little feathers. I’m going to practice different sections that I think will be most challenging. I will try white pastel on black paper, for more of a direct comparison with your photo, then graphite maybe on toned or colored paper. I’ll post practices here so we can figure it out together. Today, I’ll do the referenced Virtual Instructor feather lesson, maybe a fur or hair lesson, and may not get into your photo until the weekend.

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I am so excited Tanya! I will get started on the VA feather lesson and try my attempt at the aftershaft/filoplume feather in a few days.