Trout fishing near bridge in Pennsylvania

the newest drawing:

I’m not sure I feel about it. my son actually likes it quite a bit and yet there’s something not quite right with the water.

this is Also my very first picture of a person (in any recent drawing). there is interesting philosophical ground here. I deliberately picked a reference that showed the fishermen as looking elsewhere, as a way to lighten the artistic load; as faces greatly intimidate me.

Yet, its basic human instinct to look for a facial features; and with the guy being the artistic center of the picture- I think (when thinking about it) that overall its bad composition to not show some facial features!

Yes, the “realistic” image was to not show any facial feature; but the better art is IMHO definitely to show facial feature, even if I had to make it up.

again, the philosophy of the image.

realism is but a technique to draw you into the image and frankly I wished I had a little more skill at that.

Onto the Next image!


This great. I love it.

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You will get there it takes practice practice practice. i like the boy fishing. I did not need to see his face. His relaxed body language says it all.