Water colour in progress - Help?

Wondering how to go on with this - lighter or darker? detail leaves or leaf? change from leaves to stems? The pencil marks do not require filling out nor will they remain in situ …

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The leaves could use more darker values. The flower could use a little more darker values. Other then that. I feel you are doing a great job with it

Beautiful work. Darkening the leaves will allow the flower to pop.

Hi Denise.
Not at all sure i have applied my brush appropriately, but thank you for your tips. i have scrolled through the Live Lessons and failed to find much regarding watercolour painting, except with pencils. I have the pencils and use them together with my other colours, but am quite sure i need lots of practice and coaching with the more fluid watercolour medium.

So this is what the work now looks like.

You’ve done a great job by following the suggestions given to you. If you go to the painting (under lessons) you will find several watercolor lessons. I’ve found many of them answer my questions about whatever medium I am using. That is where you would go to get the live lessons. I don’t know where you live but in Georgia, (USA) it comes on at 6:30 pm (EST). I think they changed the time of the live lessons. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your help. I am in the Australian Capital Territory. I have never watched Live Lessons live, but do scroll through the archive from time to time. I shall have a closer look following your tips. Cheers

Absolutely, nailing it!!
What paper did you use?

This is a big improvement. Love it.

I use Bristol Smooth surface.