Blue lady watercolour

Watercolour on 300gsm paper by Art Spectrum.

The picture plane is 19cm x18cm. The work is an experiment with a wash as the background and monotone. My intention was that the flowers would be less clear - probably should have coloured them in BEFORE the wash. As it is they have been painted over the wash in the same way that the portrait has. They are rather too heavy, not reflecting their delicate appearance.! Any tips beside “practise, practise, practise”?


Look in the mirror with your head in the same position or facial expression as the one your going to paint. I find that helpful.

This is great. Love it.

Thanks Denise :slightly_smiling_face:


…am told to do many “studies”…you can do so also by tearing down each flower one by one and then each petal…see how the different wetnesses? of the paper will appear. I am studying watercolor as well…Do the same for each feature on the face with the use of value. It does take time, patience…nothing else will replace it.

Thank you for your thoughtful tip.:slightly_smiling_face: