Watercolour Gift tags

my partner and I try to personalise our gift wrapping as much as the gifts. For some years now this has meant that I make my gift tags with my own drawings. This year I did not have many parcels to label and I decided that I would venture outside the traditional Christmas themes for my labels. I draw and paint directly on to cards already cut to size, so it is a challenge to get them to look professional, but I prefer it this way.
There are 2 outliers - the violas and the hippeastrum; these were to have been used, but became unnecessary and were therefore completed after the event.


Very good idea. Great job. I love it.

They look great! Did you cut down watercolor paper or find some card stock thick enough to withstand watercolor work?

Hello Troy - this year I used 300gsm paper, probably by Born. Essentially I was practising while making these tags. Other years I simply used card such those packs of do-it-yourself business cards. When using them, I used my black Artline pens and watercolour pencils. They were less time consuming than these!

The Christmas gift papers Selfmade are beautiful :slightly_smiling_face: Paper bags with toned colour are also not bad to change with fat pencils, acrylic pens to a selfmade gift paper :slightly_smiling_face:

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