Lilies on the estate

Mixed media - soft pastels and watercolor on 140gsm black sugar paper. I have tried this work because I want to be a little more fluid with my pieces. Now I if any one would critique it along the lines of Matt’s format - composition, line, light, tone … I would be grateful for your input.!

and for a bit of fun, I share with you 9 of the 12 gift tags I made for Christmas this year - it has become a tradition of mine to attach these to the gifts I make for my partner. This year I planned to attach them also to my grandchildren’s gifts. I decided not to and have, since this photo, placed them into a picture frame. They are Derwent watercolour Pencils on soft printing card.

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Not sure I can do this in Matt style. I like the composition and your colour choice. The cards are great too, have you done the coloured pencil course, I am half ay through and learning a lot.

Thanks for your time. And, yes, I have done the colored pencil course. . I find the Prismacolor pencils tiring to use, so tend to use my watercolour ones. Matt’s emphasis on tehnique and basic principals has grown my confidence, though I want to find a way to be more creative - draw from the imagination.