Watercolour mixing App

Has anyone used or does anyone use regularly an App for mixing watercolours? If so, what App would you recommend or do the talented artists shun such a procedure?


Hi Maurice,

Watercolor is one of my favorite media and I have never used an App for mixing. It’s not that I shun it, it just never occurred to me and I don’t use many apps as a general rule for anything.

I have a book of color charts (that I created and maintain) for all the colors / all media that I own. When I start a painting I use those color charts to figure out what will be the colors I use. Then with that decision made, I only work with those colors. I use tube watercolors, so I squirt some of those colors on my palette and just start painting, mixing as I go.

Hope that helps answer your question. I’ve attached photo of my palette from the recent Snow Dog - Live Lesson.

Terri Robichon

Thanks Terri. I guess that was the answer I was expecting, but something I had read somewhere prompted my question originally.


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