White on Black 25Day Course

My final drawing from Matt’s 25Day Course. After years (well ok decades) of not drawing, I am proud to show the final (24th day) drawing. This course has made me understand the techniques better and apply them onto my drawings. OK, I have cheated in not always sticking to the one hour of drawing time. Sometimes it took an additional hour (or 2, or 3) but this final one was done in two hours. Looking at it after a few minutes, I realize that my strokes are not even, and the second eye is a little too far from the nose…
But I wanted to share this drawing and see what you think. Please give me some honest feedback. (Sorry about the photo quality, the contrast didn’t come out too good, as it shows on the picture itself)


Your left eye or the second eye needed to come down (closer to the nose) and over, the left or second eye is done nicely just needs that adjustment), maybe the round spot off the nose needs a little more blending. But over all you did a good job. Keep up the work, when you are yourself critic it hard.

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I agree with JimB. You did a great job though.

Thanks, JimB. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I see that the eye is a little higher as well. I’ve got to get a softer white pencil/charcoal pencil. The pencil I’ve got is too hard, couldn’t push the color into the paper tooth enough.

Thanks, Denise, for your kind words.

I think the eye on the left-hand side of the picture (the right eye) also needs to be set back, therefore it would be partially hidden by the nose, looks bugged-eyed the way you have it. Almost looking as if you are looking at it from 2 angles on the same drawing. From the outside of the brow to the inside of the iris needs to be set back. Erase the white you have and push the eye back. The eye on the right side of the picture (actually the left eye) looks good, as well as the rest of the picture. Looking forward to seeing the changes you make by the suggestions of others. Lenora
ArtistLittleNora (Lilnora)

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I think I know what you mean, the actual left eye looks as if the light source aims more upwards, and the rest of the subject is lit more from the side. Thanks for helping me see the improvements I can make @lilnora .

Outstanding job! Certainly draws one’s emotions.
Thanks for posting.

Thanks Jack! Appreciate your remarks. :art: :mage:t3:

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