1902 Coal Minors

This is one of those that I started, stopped, resized, started, stopped. Finally!
I did this on vellum Bristol 100lb 9x12. Used vine & compressed charcoal & the 9xxb graphite. It is a bit busy which I found to be a challenge. Any feedback, helpful hints & critiques welcomed.
Thank you,


Hi Jim. As you know I definitely can relate to start, stop, start, stop, start. So glad you finished and posted here. Iā€™m wondering if the paper you drew this on is white. If so, you might want to figure out how to modify things you post so they look their best. If you use photoshop you could click on the background and easily change it to white. Other editing programs may work too. Or just use a comand (like in the camera) to shoot it in Black & White. It would be good to figure this out so you could send things in to the members minute for a possible critique by Matt. Finally, I love the subject matter. You did a great job capturing all those faces. No easy task.

Terri Robichon

Hello Terri, Thank you for the input. Yes, the paper is white. I was close to not posting because it was not a good photo. I do not have photoshop & I am going to start learning what my phone can do with pictures.
Enjoy the day,

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I love the facial expressions.

Thank you Emily! Enjoy your day.

very expressive! well done

Thank you for your input Jim