A fall color explosion inspired by oil pastel lesson

Let me know what you think. (Yes—I know a bit wild :slight_smile:


Done I just work faster.


I like them both! Yes, the first one is “wild” but that isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it’s stylized very nicely. The second one is also great, I love the fall colors! :clap:

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They are both great. Love them

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Soft/chalk pastel I did tonight.

3 more nights? Wow—I am used to working much, much faster.
20-40 minutes.
6 hours on one is so long.


I tend to rush also, but I’ve really had to slow down with the “Subjects in Pen and Ink” course, lots of patience for stippling and hatching shading in.

I like the 2nd one you did in the oil pastels over the most recent soft pastel one. Main reason is the tree trunks are better defined in the oil pastel one, and reflections are more accurate.

I think you could use a corner or a pastel pencil to get the harder details in, just patience making them look right. I’m not one to talk about patience though, that’s my biggest hurdle, treating everything as a speed drawing. They are improving, but when I force myself to slow down and only work on something 20 minutes at a time over several days, I get much better results as the faster ones just aren’t as precise though at the time it seems like they are.