A Wrinkle in Time

My charcoal of Zipporah. She’s about five months old. Adorable. I’m having a hard time with the wrinkled, white eyelet dress and head band. I’m gifting it to her parents in a week. Feeling the pain of struggle and dwindling time. Critique is welcome. Thanks guys.


Very cute, what a nice gift to give!

Wrinkles are just well-placed shadows and highlights. I recommend that you do some practice wrinkles and ruffles on other paper. Do several until you get the hang of it. You will get it. It just takes time and practice.

:heart::heart::heart: So so precious​:heart::heart::heart:

beautiful… love the contrast between the face, arm and white top

This is beautiful! Have you tried watching Matt’s lessons on drawing fabric? He has two, one with pastel pencils and the other with conte. I realize the mediums are different but they still might include some helpful tips for you.

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