African Violets

I am trading this picture for a real plant. She says that she kills the plants. I hope she doesn’t kill this one. LOL!

5x7 pastels on Canson MiTientes.


I am sure your friend will be thrilled with this picture. I had several violets that all bloomed at the same time for my husband while I was in the hospital. I watered them when I got home and they all died. That was one thing I probably did incorrectly. I love them and usually have good luck with them. I am planning on reordering some and try it again. Not sure where I will put them. We took the shelves down in MBR and the SIP has too hot of a light source (faces west) and has no shadow.

We had to cut down the Japanese Magnoliaat the corner because the roots were getting too near to the septic tank. UGH, I think I cried for 2 days. It was over the roof of our house - 20 years of growth. with a little trimming. Our SIP gets too hot at the moment and it faces west. It does have AC/Heat in there and the price of lumber and other materials are sky-high so that we could put insulation in there. I think that might help the situation.


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I love the pastel on Mi-Teintes. It gives the drawing an impressionist quality.

Another great drawing/painting from you.



This is great. Love it.

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