Bobcat in pastels

Penney Brown, ONECENT, sent me a picture of her beautiful bobcat Chu. I am so grateful to Penney for sharing a bit of Chu’s story too. What an extremely amazing animal.


It is very beautiful. Great job.

Thank you, Denise. Much appreciated.

Looks very elegant and magnificent :+1: With this green background it gives a very peaceful impression, but if, for instance, dark purple or navy is used instead, it will change the impression dramatically. It will look like a portrait of the loyal family member :wink:

That is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

Thank you Maki. I am storing this information on color for future reference. I don’t have any schooling in art, so I tend to think a bit more simply. I had a plan for the background, but I got to this point and thought maybe I had better not overwork it. I chose green, because it seemed like it would be a color in the bobcat’s life. In the reference photo, the background was wooded, very busy.i did not want to take focus from the cat. it also appears in the reference, that she is laying on a hood of a car, so I substituted the idea of a rock. I wanted and hope I achieved all of the focus to be on the cat. Does dark purple or Navy blue always represent loyalty?

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Thank you Ginny, this means a lot!

Hi Lori, many thanks for your detailed explanation about the production process. When I saw the gorgeous face and confidence of this beautiful cat, I felt something noble. So I imagined I may want to produce something like this. This is something I roughly designed using Photoshop:

I totally agree that simplifying the background to make the cat stand out is a necessary processing and that choosing green as the reflection of the bobcat’s life is a perfect choice. I would place the green version as the standard for this cat’s portrait, and then I would perhaps think about some different versions because this subject is such an excellent “super-model”, so to speak. It is just a way of having as much fun as possible using the same subject. I myself have no official art education backgrounds, but I am playful by nature, so I enjoy tossing around my art subjects before actually starting drawing them.

I have no idea if navy or purple represents loyalty all over the world, but in the ancient Japan and Rome, I hear that purple represented the highest rank of nobility. The reason for this was that purple pigment was very hard to produce, so anything purple was expensive in the ancient times. Therefore only the noble people were able to have something purple. :smiley:

Oooh, I love the darker background. And the blue, just beautiful. I need to get photoshop… This looks like it would be fun. Thank you for showing me.

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I love how you have handled the fur here. The paws are amazing and the eyes are spot on!

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