Can someone help me a little?

Hi guys,
I’m very new here and I’m very new in drawing.
Iv been practicing over the last couple weeks and pretty quickly ended up with drawing a reasonable portrait.
Suddenly I find myself working on a realism drawing I need to ship to England when it’s finished. It’s a drawing of Senna in a McLaren. I made the sketch using the raster technique and now it’s time to start the drawing itself and I’ll learn as I go.
What I wanna know now is how to tackle this drawing.
Should I start with the helmet and body, then the F1 kart and then background?
Or should I start left up top working my way down right bottom, minimizing smudges.
Also, the kart is white with commercials over it. I’m guessing I still have to color the white in very lightly right? So it doesn’t look unfinished.

Thanks in advance, any help or tips or anything is greatly appreciated.
Feel free to post your drawings as well, even if they aren’t about the same topic :slight_smile:
Feel free to show off here!

The picture I’ll post with my comment is the rough sketch I made, it is very soft (cuz it’s a sketch) but hope you can see what I mean.

SlippyPaints :orange_heart:


I don’t have any advice for you. I just wanted to compliment you on how well you’ve drawn this piece so far. It’s amazing to me that you just started drawing!! Keep up with the hard work and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

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Oh thank you :relaxed: Still long ways to go tho, I think this will take me 70-80 hours. It’s on an A3 paper and I’m hoping to make it super detailed so it’s fun to look at.
Im just a little unsure on how to start on this one, once I’ve started the rest will follow more easily.
Ill definitely keep on drawing.
Found my passion again :wink:
Thanks again :pray::pray::pray:

This is great. It doesn’t matter where you stat to paint this. Whatever is comfortable for you. Usually if you are left handed you start right to left. If you are right handed you start left to right. Great job though.

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Thank you :blush: I think I will start with the driver and the car as I think that’s the most difficult part. I’ll tape it off with some paper over it when I start in the background. I’m right handed so then I’ll start left up top after the kart. Think I’ll save the tires for later when I’m doing the background as those tires are big dark parts of the drawing. Just trying to minimize the smudging of the graphite.
I think I have a clear view now on how to get on with this drawing and I’ll start very soon. Hoping I have some time tonight :relaxed:

Thank you for your comment!

-SlippyPaints :orange_heart:

Small Update,

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Small update again,

I need to pull the line through here, it’s so unclear on the original picture that I wasn’t sure at first

Working on the background now (first layer)
I’ll make it was more detailed and hopefully more realistic once I kinda know where everyone is and how the trees are standing. Again very unclear on the original picture.

Sorry for the late reply. My advice to anyone (for super detail images) is to start with the parts you like least and get them complete. Then on to the funner stuff :slight_smile:

For less detailed images I tend to do the focal area first.


Thank you for the response! I think (besides the driver) that’s what I’m doing now, I really didn’t look forward to do the people in the back and the trees, as they are super blurry in the reference picture. So iv been carefully adding some shades where the people are are and roughly some darker shades for the trees. I’m still working out how it will look best in a finishing drawing so it’s all reasonably light at the moment so I can erase whenever I need to. Once I have figured out how the trees are placed, and how/where the people are standing I can start making it more detailed.
I said in another post that I’m having trouble improvising and see this more as a practice for that. In the reference picture it’s all just a big colored blur so have to figure it out by myself. I could find another picture where the background is more clear but I wanna try it this way first. Also, the car is moving in this picture, so maybe I’m thinking the people in the background shouldn’t be sharp, creating that motion effect. Hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll figure out what to do. It’s a whole new experience for me, drawing something like this.
I wouldn’t mind mistakes if it was just for me but I promised I would sent this drawing to someone in England. So I’m way more careful and try not to mess up too much :slight_smile:

-SlippyPaints :orange_heart:

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