Carquinez Bridge - SF Bay Area

I truly enjoy evening and night scenes because the contrasts bring out so much detail. This was my second attempt at Caran d’Ache Supracolors and Pan Pastels. The external lighting for the photograph of this piece sort of bleaches out some of the night sky. This is a late summer shot. The Carquinez Strait is part of the waterway that joins San Francisco Bay with San Pedro Bay to the northeast. Clear sky night with earlier sunset. About 1.5 hours after sunset.
Thank you for your thoughts.


Really impressive work. Well done!


Thank you, I appreciate that.

Unbelievable, the way you did this with the detail, the lights, very impressive

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Thank you for your your input. I just need to master the photography of the art pieces. This one shows the glare of the light from the left. That is something I couldn’t get rid of, no matter how many times I tried.
Thanks again,

This is really nice, a nighttime scene,how often do we see this. Gives me something to think about. Tom

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Thank you Tom, I appreciate that.

Has a “Thomas Kinkade” look to it. Beautifully done.


Thank you for such kind words about this piece. It was my first “big time” commissioned artwork and now hangs in someone’s home. They have called and spoken to me about doing another one for them now. Something that has something to do with San Pedro Bay and San Francisco Bay… without doing the obvious Golden Gate. I’m still researching a location to work on.
But thanks again for your compliment about Thomas Kinkade. That’s very nice of you to say.