Chalk on black sugar paper

How hard was this! Contour sketched granddaughter from a photo - only had chalk and this black paper when i chose to do this. It sat un-renderrd for 5 days. Then i started - totally too heavy with chalk on the start up. That has not been redeemable. Anyway thought you-all, or one of you might say some further critique.

Did you mean to post the picture? I could not see one although your post made me think that you had intended on doing that

surely did. do not know what happened - quit to check on some cooking, perhaps

Sorry, … not supposed to leave the kitchen when cooking something … and not supposed to leave art that might cause you to want to work on it … even if you don’t think that would make you leave working on the art piece and forgetting something cooking on the stove. But, don’t worry, we’ve all (probably) left some on the stove to do anything something else and burnt something on the stove. Be sure to post the next one.