Colored Pencil type

I can’t tell what pencils to buy. I would like to get some oil pencils but when I read the descriptions on containers they don’t say if they are waxed, oil. On some they say soft core.

Welcome Normas! I started with Prismacolor Premier pencils. They are waxed base pencils. I am currently using Faber Castel Polychromas oil based pencils. For me, I am finding that the oil base pencils tend to blend easier than the waxed base. I have tried several brands and I have found that each behave differently.

Yes, Normas - what Judy says is true. Each brand behaves differently and the surface plays an important role as well. Faber-Castell’s Polychromos pencils are oil-based and they are excellent pencils. Most of the pencils you’ll find in your local art store are wax-based, so you may have to order the oil-based pencils.