Cow on the blanket

Hey to all good people! I am a new here and showing you one of my cows :innocent: Your comments and critics are most welcome.

Oil on canvas, 55 x 46 cm


Very well done. Love it. Welcome.

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As soon as this panting came up on my screen i had the biggest smile. A great job creating the cutest face. Im also attracted to the colors in the trees. a little white and various shades, well done ,Iā€™m spending more than a few minutes looking and enjoying. thanks for posting vom

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Hallo and big thanks dear Tomee! :slight_smile: This is the power of cows :innocent:
Here is another girl, Rose Mary! :slight_smile:
Best wishes from Mainz, Germany!

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Hey and thank you Denise! :slight_smile:

What a fun and endearing portrait of this cow. Keep them coming!

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Big thanks, Patricia :slight_smile:

love your cows! I also love to draw cows. keep up the great work

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Thank you dear Junenez :slight_smile: