Difference between courses?


I wanted to know what is the difference between the courses, “Secrets to Drawing” and “25 Days to Better Drawing”. Which one should a beginner do first?

Thank you.

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I would start with Secrets to Drawing because it explains basic concepts and skills you will need before moving on to other concepts. The 25 Days to Better Drawing should help you improve those skills. Note that both will offer you chances to learn and improve. I have done both in that order and it worked for me.



That is also the answer I’m looking for :slight_smile: thank you, Patricia.

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Great question that I wondered myself - I have already started with Basics of Drawing - thanks for the question and the answer! :slight_smile:

I also did them in the same order as Patricia. They build well on each other, and the reinforcement really helped me.


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Click on Curriculum and see what each offer and then decide which you want to learn first…There is not best way to do first but some are suggestive of beginner or intermediate. I did Secrets first and than 25 days next…but you will see for yourself what you want that way?
Hope that helps!?

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