Ducati Racing Bike

I’ve recently completed my first year on TVI. Many thanks to Matt and Ashley for helping me to improve my drawing skills. After drawing the car from the Realistic Drawing course I was looking for a challenge. I found the reference image on Pixabay, edited it a little and converted to mono. I used a grid to ensure I had the proportions right.
This is drawn on 14 x 10 inches warm, or off, white paper ( I have no idea who made it), and the pencils ranged from 2H to 6B and took about 10 hours to complete.
If you would like to buy one of these bikes second hand then sit down first - only $34000 - yes, all those zeros for a used bike!


Mike, this is a wonderful drawing. I love motorcycles, love to watch racers dragging their knees and elbows on the ground, and I love this drawing. I am surprised that it only took you 10 hours. There is so much detail! Great job. Thanks for sharing.


This is fabulous. Love it.

Thank you Denise, I was very surprised at how well this came out. I just posted a sailboat today. Hope you like that one too!