Finished the Polychromos landscape

I finally finished the landscape. It is a small drawing but I found it challenging. The “homework” part gave me a little courage (but not too much) to try something in color pencils on my own without tutorial… we’ll see :grimacing:
Everyone here is so super talented, I hope to catch up one day.
I ordered the materials for the orangutan. :hot_face:


I think you did a great job with this picture.

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Hi Sonia. Nicely done! Yes, that homework really challenged me, but I worked thru it just like you did.

Terri Roobichon

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Thank you, I appreciate your comment, I will keep trying!!

Thank goodness it was a small drawing. I made so many “adjustments” that were a hard to cover up. I sure loved the learning experience!

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A very nice landscape! Nice composition with the trees and slanted horizon and excellent use of perspective for the distant trees! :grin: :clap:

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This is great. Very well done. Love it.

Hello Sonia,

You did a wonderful job with this. My favorite colored pencils are polychromos. Keep up the good work!


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