Fruit Loops - Gettin Sketchy 4/12

Here is my wapple? this was a fun and entertaining 45 minutes!


Very good job. Love it.

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Did you try?


Yours truly looks like an wapplemelon. This is the name I chose anyway.

Like I said mine looks more like an hourglass. Part may be that I did not have PastelMat paper so I use Mi-Tienes paper.

So here we go…oh, this one did not get a signature- haha!


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@junenez , so cool, you’ve captured the apple shape with watermelon texture, and I also love the choice of paper! “wapple” :joy: Awesome name!

@TLP , I love your “wapplemelon”! The lines on the outer rind, and then the lines on the inside are nice for guiding the viewers eye! :wink:

@MustardSeedLife - Thank you. You always find something kind to say no matter what my artwork looks like. I appreciate that. Teri

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