Gallery shows completed

I had three gallery shows this year and I have been going back and forth between original art drawings and product development activities using my artworks. This is because I don’t sell the originals, so I needed to prepare something else to make profits so that I can pay for the gallery rent. I also wanted to help the galleries earn some by showing my artworks.

My gallery manager recently reported to me that the total profits from the sales of my items throughout the three shows were 127,758 JPY(approx.1,160 USD, 1,578 AUD) . I was in particular happy to hear that 207 postcards in total were sold, which means that now there are so many people who know what I am drawing. Given that it is only two years since I started drawing using a ballpoint pen, I think I spent these years in a pretty productive way.

Some other items which greatly contributed to the sales include:

Tote bags:

ballpoint pen drawing kits:

My next show will be sometime in the spring next year, so right now I am working on a new item, i.e. a series of decorative papers using my pen drawings:

Cat Pattern:

Botanical designs:

Various cats:

I very much look forward to seeing how the gallery visitors will react to the new products!!


Great job, Maki! I am very happy for you. You work hard and your deserve success.

I love your work! Very Unique!