From drawing to product design

There is one private art gallery in my hometown and they recently decided to set up a gallery shop to sell items designed by local artists. The gallery manager asked me to offer something for the shop. I have been selling mainly postcards and tote bags, but I took this opportunity to make the variety of the products of my design much wider.

I share with you some of the items I recently produced utilizing my original drawings because I wonder if there are some people who may be interested in the same kind of activities.
Hope you enjoy!

Original drawing titled “petite wildness”.

Products of this design include:

  1. Thank You tug/sticker

  2. calendar

  3. letter set

Original drawing titled “the gondola cat”.

Products of this design:

  1. calendar
  2. tracing paper bookmark

Original drawing titled “chaos”.

Products of this design:

Thank you shop card

Original drawing titled “fir tree”.

Products of this design:

  1. letter set

  2. tracing paper bookmark

Original drawing titled “values”.

Product: thank you card of a wide variety of colours

Original drawing titled “koneko guruguru”.

Product-a cute kitten tote bag!!


Great work! Love them all.

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I’m jealous! This is really good and a great idea to market your art! Great concept and style. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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By the way, who prints these items for you?

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Thank you, Denise! :cat:

Thank you Jack! Other than the tote bags, I do all the printing jobs for myself. For the recent couple of days, I have been struggling to figure out the best envelope layout for printing plus actually make these envelopes successfully. I didn’t know that making envelopes was so difficult! :cat:

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I am a fan of yours Maki. Love what you do. How many hours do you spend on drawing… say the cat and the leaf?
Estelle, Australia

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Hi Estelle, thank you so much for your kind words!

Regarding the hours I needed to complete these drawings, I actually have been taking a pretty detailed record of them. According to the data I have:

  • petite wildness: 4 hrs
  • the gondola cat: 13 hrs for preparation, 17 hrs for drawing
  • values: 5.5 hrs
  • chaos:17 hrs
    …so and so :cat:

What a great idea, I love these!


Thank you Darrel, glad you love them :cat:

A great opportunity. Very creative designs–I can see why they are selling. Keep that imagination flowing.


Thank you for your kind comment, Patsy! :sparkling_heart: