5 star reviews and product development goes on

Recently I am beginning to receive a review from my customers.
So far, they are all 5 star reviews :slight_smile:

I am so glad that they are happy with my products, and I am learning that these reviews are full of helpful insights into required specifications of products, preferred design characteristics so and so. Which means they are practically providing me with helpful ideas as to what I should do for the improvements of the available items and what new items I should produce next. I am so grateful for that.

Contrary to my expectations, the letter sets have been sold pretty quickly. I thought that electronic communications are so dominant these days that not so high demand for handwriting items would be expected. But looks like people still prefer handwritten letters on some occasions to tapping the screens or keyboards of their devices.

Cat people bought these items…:

I was so surprised when I received an order for this item via Instagram from someone living in the North Macedonia.

The postal services around the world are not functioning as usual due to the corona virus issues so I was concerned that the item may not arrive there at all. But it arrived safely for about 2 weeks. Excellent!

I am also learning a lot from feedback I receive on Instagram about my products. One of my Instagram friends from Mexico said that the fir tree letter set was excellent because the product design was so loyal to the concept of the original artwork. Tell you the truth, I had not been aware of the alignment of products designs and the concepts of the original drawings before she mentioned that. But this is actually something very important. Then I started to think about my products designs more carefully. How fortunate I am to have such insightful and kind people around me!

These are the new letter sets which I developed following my new policy:

I also produced a series of greeting cards:

Hope you like them! :cat:


Congratulations! That is great.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, Denise! :cat2:

Great Job! They are beautiful and done very well

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Thank you for sharing your art and experience with us.

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I really liked the trees.


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Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Lenora :two_hearts::cat2:

My pleasure Kali, I have no idea how many of you using this forum are interested in utilizing your artworks for product development, but I am just hoping that sharing my experience, although very limited, is helpful for those who are. I have been going back and forth between original drawing and product design, either of which I find a very creative and interesting activity in its own way. I also feel that these two different types of activities actually complement each other. Thank you so much for your kind words! :cat2::pizza::coffee:

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Thank you so much for your lovely comment Ruby :cat2: :beer:

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Both your art and product development are quite inspirational. Please keep sharing your art and how you are marketing your wonderful work.

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