Getting Sketchy in the Style of Georges Seurat

Loved following along the Getting Sketchy tonight!
My take on Canson XL Sand Grain dry media A4 98 lb.


WOW Sonia - you posted that really quickly and well done. I just caught the last 5 minutes of Gettin Sketchy, so I’ll be watching it later.

Terri Robichon

Very well done. It will be interesting to see what else comes up. I’m going to post mine here in a minute. Great job!

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I used some gray, thick craft paper. Just something I had with a lot of visible texture…:nerd_face:

As always a fun one and good practice.


That is so awesome, Sonia! I didn’t try to follow along since I didn’t have the paper. I do have some Pastelmat that might have worked. Great job!!!


These both look great! i tried to do on charcoal paper - but made more of a mess than anything! I am very intrigued by that paper - it is on my wish list

Great job. Wonderful work.

I’ve just been testing out the Arteza Mixed Media paper and I think there is enough texture to make this doable. I’ll know later when I give it a try for real.

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After my little experiment a few days ago I finally got around to doing this one for real. This paper may not be as good as the stipple paper but it’s much cheaper and I happen to have it to hand,


That looks really great!!! I think you did a super job. I’ve ordered some of the stippling paper from Blick. I hope I still want to do the drawing when I get it.



You did super on your drawing. Mine turned out a big head with little hands.

I finally got around to this. It was a real challenge for me! My proportions are off – hat too small for his head, hand to large, face and head too thin, but I did notice he had glasses on. I added those. I did it once with charcoal, and what a mess that was. The Nu-Pastel seemed to be harder and more dense than the charcoal I had. I need to get some compressed charcoal. I thought that’s what I was using, but it was way too soft. Anyway, I’m glad I did the drawing. It stretched me for sure.

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Excellent! Looks like you got the Stipple paper too.

Thanks, Jane. Yes, I got the paper! I really like it, and I think compressed charcoal and Nu-Pastel sticks will work best on it. I want to test oil pastels on it as well. I’m wondering how pan pastels would do and will probably try a sample to see if the paper will hold on to the powder. I love playing with new supplies. :crazy_face:


Do let us know how you get on with the various media. Oh the excitement of it all!