Head Study 010320

Well, I don’t know if I just was not in the mood or what, but this is a mess. At least it looks like a human being. LOL! More slapping of oil paint onto a canvas…


Hi Ginny :slight_smile:
I don’t think it’s a mess, I think it’s quite good! I love his head!

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Thank you. In the reference photo, he looks like Yul Brynner, but I didn’t quite get that resemblance. LOL!

Oh, maybe not, but you got the head right! And actually the eyes, Yul had very intense eyes!

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I think it is great! I love the choice of background color with the golden hue of the skin.

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A mess! Absolutely not. I love it.

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Lovely. The complimentary background color goes really well with the subject. The mood of the subject is just perfect.

i rather like ii…only, as with one i did in, i am not sure if his right eye was to be tapered a bit…but i actually think the whole is great impression and contrast and light…