Hello from Nova Scotia

Hello - My name is Samantha, I am about to turn 64 years old, and I just signed up for the one-year membership and have been looking through the videos over this past week. I find the teaching top rate and have already improved by using these lessons. I primarily draw in pencil - some coloured pencil, but mostly just graphite. I love realistic drawings - especially of dogs, but anything really. I take courses through the extended learning with NSCAD, which is why I know these course are very very good! I live in South-West Nova Scotia, Canada. Best Wishes and Happy Drawing to everyone!


Welcome to our community. We’re looking forward to seeing you post some of your drawings.

Lenora Andre - artistlittlenora.mitchell@gmail.com

Thank you! I am just learning so my sketches are not good - but…this is a seashell I drew last night to practice value and form. :slight_smile:


Very good. I might suggest that you put a little more dark values on it to show the difference between the light area and some of the medium areas. You are on the right track. Putting some more dark values will make it pop. The front of the shell is a little too much the value of the background. Determine where your light source is coming from. Looking good! Keep going, you have started off on the right path.

Lenora (artistlittlenora.mitchell@gmail.com) a/k/a ‘lilnora’

This is wonderful. Love it.

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Thank you so much - your critique is much appreciated :slight_smile: The shell was on my desk, illuminated by the one light in the room, so the bright frontal area is the way it appeared with very little of a very dark shadow along the back edge. I see how a darker background would have worked better - another case of actual light not giving an “artistic” drawing - I will remember for the future!

Hello Samantha , well we are sort of close in age but our drawing profile is right on. It took me a while to finally decide on what medium to spend most of my time on. I’ve been a member for a few years now and every lesson is packed with info. Welcome, and nice to have you here.
tom. Ct. usa

Thank you Tom! I’m really enjoying the lessons. Best Wishes!