Help With Masking Tape

I have troubles with the masking tape I am using currently. It ruins the paper even though I try to wipe some of the glue off on a piece of fabric. Same issue with other types as well. Can anyone here recommend a brand or a type of masking tape that doesn’t tear / ruin the paper, but still adhere so tightly that the paint can’t slip under it?

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Try using Blue Painters Tape. I have the same problem with masking tape. The Blue painters tape is not as sticky.

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Thanks a lot, Denise. I will try that.

It could also be the paper you are using. Sometimes I have problems and sometimes I don’t, depending on the paper and how I remove the tape. It works best when pulling the tape slowly at a 90 degree angle away from the artwork.

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Thanks for this tip, Ginny. I agree. Some papers do let go of the tape more willingly than others without traces of tear. I have also noticed that the longer the tape is on e.g. more than 24 hours, the more likely it is to ruin the paper. So I guess I need to experiment with various tape types, paper types, angles, and techniques.

I was going to suggest Blue Painter’s tape; but I see that someone had already done so. Hubby did not have his at home, so we tried a different tape and it did not do too well. Live and learn. But I only had to paint over a small part of the painting.