How does this look? "cat by the window" in a mini-frame

This is the original drawing:

【update 31 Oct 2020】
The frame I introduced here is one of the “off-cuts” frames produced by a Kyoto-based frame shop.

While I was checking some sample images of nice way of framing artworks on Instagram, I found these frames they made using the remnants of the custom-ordered frames.

I was amazed at their creative ability to compile a frame, which requires cohesiveness and harmony, using remnants of a variety of different frames. So amazed that I ended up purchasing the following four items:

The mini-frame I introduced in this post is the one on the upper left. I decided to use this item for a set of mini-prints of my pen-drawings titled “The Hazai” series.

“Hazai” is a Japanese term meaning off-cuts or remnants and this is the line-up of the artworks included in this set:

The frame window is only 4.1cm x 5.5cm, so it took me a while to prepare all these 10 mini-prints so that they would perfectly fit for the window of the frame. I may not have thought of doing this project at all without this paper cutter which I bought recently:

I was very frustrated by paper-cutting job which I need to do for producing some of my products such as envelopes and stickers because I used a normal box-cutter knife. After so many failures, I thought I needed a better gadget. This is the very gadget I wanted. It works so well.


Very Nice and eclectic looking in the frame.

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What’s the size of the picture? Amazing detail :+1:t3:

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Thank you for your comment, Jon. The size of this drawing is 170mm x 241mm :cat2: :slight_smile:

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Hi Ruby, thank you so much for looking at my work. I also appreciate your comment :cat2: :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome Maki. That is the very same paper-cutter I have. It does work perfectly.

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As you know, I love your drawings. I really like the oversize frames with this series. I like the clean lines and color - it showcases the work really well.


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Hi Patricia, thank you so much for your kind comment. I myself am pretty satisfied with my approach to utilizing this particular frame. As to the rest of the frames, I am going to use them for my new drawings.

By the way, I think I missed answering your question before as to why I don’t have my own cat. I don’t remember which topic it was where I read this question, so I answer it here. Basically, it is because of financial reason. My mother is in her 80s and nobody can tell when she will develop dementia. My father had one and spent his very last years at a local nursing home, which I remember cost a lot. My mother is currently very healthy and can take care of herself mostly, but I cannot tell when the situation may change. I hear that the vet fee is pretty expensive and I don’t think I can afford it now considering the possible future fees, which I may need to keep paying for years and years, for providing necessary care for my mother.
Furthermore, I recently learned a lot about how strict the rules are for adopting a cat from a rescue group. Since I don’t have my own cat, I have been watching many cats videos on YouTube and about two weeks ago there was an announcement from the owner that one of my favourite cats passed away for no apparent reason. After that, there has been a pretty severe battle on the Internet between those who accuse the owner of his inappropriate way of caring kittens and those who try to protect him. As the battle becomes more and more heated, I found lots of information flooding the Internet community about some important things; e.g. what kind of human activities can actually lead to animal abuse without knowing it, specifically how the rescue groups and/or the health center check the eligibility of the person who wants to adopt the animals from them, so and so. Looking at one of the checklists of appropriate adopters, looks like I don’t qualify fully. I don’t know, maybe some other rescue groups are more flexible, but the whole events surrounding this incident made me really doubt if it is really a good thing that an amateur individual becomes an animal owner. I once heard about a retired gentleman who works as a volunteer for brushing the cats at a local rescue centre…maybe in the US? “Cat-brushing specialist” …well it sounds like a dream job for me. Maybe that’s the right path I should take in the future…End of the story🐈

PS. Ok, I found the article about the cat-brushing man! Here it is:

Hi Maki!
Are you living in Japan? If so, perhaps you should go to a Cat Café and get your fill of cat love that way. I am fortunate enough to live in Canada so it isn’t as regulated and restrictive as it can be in Japan. It is true that cat ownership can be costly. Our big male (the 6 year old) had a hip problem when he was young. He needed an operation that set us back $3,000! (Yes, it seems crazy, but the alternative was to have him euthanized - couldn’t do that at 6 months of age). We pooled our resources, had him operated and he has been the picture of health since then. My two cats are strays that visited my backyard as kittens. They are now 8 and 6, both are inside cats but they do go out in the yard. They are constantly teased by the local squirrels that visit our large tree. Our little female climbs up the tree to try to catch them, but they are too fast for her. Our big male on the other hand just lays down in the grass and waits. He chases them and has come close but they are still too fast for him as well. Shadow (the large male - dark fur) and Diesel get along well. Here is a photo of my little darlings.Shadow and Diesel

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Hi Patricia, thank you for your response and sharing the photo of your very adorable cats. I once read on facebook that somebody posted this on Instagram and this is exactly what I did when I saw your photo:
“I love the reaction of cat lovers upon seeing a cat. Every single time the level of excitement is like they’ve read about cats for decades but never actually seen one in real life and they’re SO EXCITED. Every. Single Time. Even if it’s the hundredth cat they’ve seen that day.”

As to the rules for adopting cats, I thought they are more strict in Canada. You are so lucky to get your cat in such a way, actually I once had a black cat in my childhood, and it was indeed a stray. But recently, I don’t see any stray cats around here. I agree that a cat café is the right place for me. We did not have one until recently but I hear that there is at least one cat cafe in my town now.i definitely must go there :blush:

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