How to draw rocks?

Nothing to show today. But I have question to any and all. How to draw rocks? I am working on a piece that is a coastal scene and has some boulders and and things along the waters edge which makes the piece. I struggle with capturing the uniqueness and distinctive marks. of these boulders and rocks. Are there any suggestions and or links I can watch it being done.


Here are two tutorials from the site:

Hope that helps! :smile:


I used the Graphitint grapnite tinted pencils to add color to a small rock formation.

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I’m currently in the “Subjects in Pen and Ink” course, and using hatching cross contour can really define rocks from round to complicated rocks with cracks and craggy faces. I think if you use the contour/cross contour strokes with other media it would have the same effect.

Rocky streams are also one of the few places I’d also suggest the Derwent Graphitint pencils, landscapes and rocks as the colors are all muted. Be careful because those do not erase when dry and can’t be re-wet to lift (like watercolor) once they are wetted out, so keep that in mind if you erase a lot to get a thumbnail first to test first using the tinted graphite.

Thank you for the advice. Currently I have only been drawing using graphite I have not branched out into applying color.

Look at some videos on the tinted graphite (Derwent and Staedtler have sets, nearly identical colors, guessing same recipe). It’s not for everybody, the lack of ability to erase at all kind of puts them down on my list, but the way their colors mute and wash out is perfect for rocks, and that’s really the only place I look at using them at all.