I refuse to be a focal point

I have to admit that I laughed out loud when Matt said in this episode of the Member’s Minute where he pointed out that there was no clear focal point in my pastel drawing:
“That doesn’t mean you necessarily need to throw a bird in there.”
This is because I actually have once thrown birds in a drawing to make a clear focal point.
This is the drawing I am talking about…

After I watched this critique, I started thinking about what I could throw in my pen-drawing that I was working on at that time to create a clear focal point. The drawing was something I tried to learn a new approach to drawing trees, and as long as I was able to try this new approach, I could wrap up this piece in anyway I wanted. Since I had been working on many cat drawings before this piece, a cat came to my mind as a focal point. But then I thought that a cat would not behave him/herself like the birds thrown in my pastel drawing. Considering their nature, cats would not give a damn to the fact that they have been thrown into the drawing as a focal point but would do anything they like.
I liked this idea so I decided to throw a cat in my drawing, stretching as if it says “I refuse to be a focal point”.
This is the finished piece:

This one has been added to my tree drawings series I introduced before in the forum along with this piece:

This is also a ballpoint pen drawing. I found a beautiful stump print on Instagram and thought I could mimic it using a pen. I created a sepia version of this drawing and framed it in this way.

Furthermore, all these tree-related pen drawings have been compiled as a driftwood-postcard décor.

This décor is now exhibited at a local restaurant! :blush:


I LOVE your trees, especially the stump! How beautiful! I like your no-nonsense cat too lol…great idea!

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Thank you for your kind comment, Rain! :+1:

I bet that kitty likes to watch you draw. Wonderful trees.

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Thank you for your lovely comment, Lenora💕