Drawing different types of trees

Trees are really beautiful. It is fun to draw trees with pastels, but drawing trees with a pen appears to be more interesting as I need to figure out how to express the details of different types of trees using only lines.
They are all drawn using a 0.7mm ballpoint pen.


How beautiful, Maki. It is hard to believe it is all with a ball point pen. I would make such a mess! LOL! I agree that trees are beautiful. I love them.

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I love them. Great work.

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That is really great work! Such a precision and attention to details. Amazing!

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I love trees so much but do struggle drawing them. Yours are beautiful!

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Thank you all for the kind feedback and comments!
These tree drawings have been created in a pretty improvisational manner. You can see how rough the sketch of each one of these pieces is from the following photos…

It is actually pretty easy to draw trees with a ballpoint pen. If interested, I suggest you give it a try using the attached half-transparent tree drawing.


In Feb next year, I am going to hold a ballpoint pen drawing workshop at a local flea market, and my plan is to provide the participants with this material so that they can get a quick grasp of ballpoint pen drawing. Those who believe that they are not good at art are too concerned about their lack of skills to draw things precisely. But it is not one and the only entrance to art. In Japan, we have a very popular art competition specifically for arts created by colouring. We have quite a lot of colouring books which are selling well and many adults enjoy colouring as their artistic activity. I think this is thanks to the fact that there is no pressure to draw things precisely and they can purely enjoy the colouring process of the prepared drawings. The same thing can be said for ballpoint pen drawings as well. Using the prepared half-transparent drawing, you can enjoy making it more and more three-dimensional while pushing values without the fear of making a mess while capturing the shape of the tree. It is sort of a “divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it” strategy, i.e. I divide the difficulty of doing drawing and value-pushing altogether into a drawing part and a value-pushing part, and then assign the value-pushing part alone to the participants. Hope they will find this approach helpful :blush:

Nice illustration. Simple yet effective technique of drawing trees. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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Very encouraging comment, thank you Debojyoti :slight_smile:
They are all trial-and-error pieces, i.e. I myself had no idea how the drawings would come out eventually.
I was really glad to see the results were lovely :beers: