Ink and watercolor

This is a recent ink and watercolor drawing of Potter’s Seafood Market in Southport, NC.
These look very different from my oil and acrylic works, but they are so much fun.


jholdren, Welcome to the community! Thank you for sharing this wonderful art.

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Thank you! Traditionally an oil and acrylic painter but have had fun playing around with mixed media in the last year or two.

Very nice. I like the simple line work and colour :slight_smile: look forward to seeing more

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Thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s art here.

Hello @jholdren welcome to the community. Very, nice work. I really appreciate the hard edges you were able to create with watercolor, shadow lines, color transitions. Controlling the bleeding where you wanted it (or didn’t want it) shows some real skill.

Keep posting!


@jholdren ,

Wonderful watercolor painting. I really enjoy the detailed simplicity of your style.

I look forward to seeing more in the future,


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Very well done. Love it.

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