Ink choices for drawing

I am looking in to buying ink for using with a quill , and a Caligraphy style pen to draw with using nibs .
What are your thoughts for the ink ?
India ink
Acrylic ink
Alcohol ink .
Does any one have a favorite or experience with any of these

I love using India ink with the nibs. I have acrylic inks but prefer to use a brush with them. Experiment and have fun!

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Thank you for answering I also want to hat them with a brush . Do you use them in canvas or only paper

Hi Jan -

I haven’t used a caligraphy style pen, but maybe in the future it would be fun to try. I do use colored inks with a brush application often. I use FW liquid acrylic INK by Daler - Rowney and have been happy with it.

Recently (on July 9th) I posted here at the forum an item that I called . . . “Train” Line and Wash. It was one of the older Live Lessons, and I used the colored liquid inks instead of watercolor.

Terri Robichon

Awesome I saw that train picture is was beautiful.

Thank you for you input on the ink

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India ink. I use this and it works very well.

I use Platinum Carbon Ink in 60mm bottle available on Amazon for less than $15 in the US. It is a deep black, it goes on smooth and it is waterproof. I’ve used it with dip nib pens and in my Lamy Safari fountain pen and it does not gum up the works.