Introduce Yourself Here!

Amen to that! I will share some stuff, I’m a beginner but been watching on you tube for a bit

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I was thinking the same thing during Gettin’ Sketchy. I did not take any art classes, but if there had been teachers like Matt and Ashley, I would have. They do such a great job of teaching while showing how to do at the same time. Welcome to the club, great decision in joining!

Welcome aboard Michael. I love you introduction. I began my art journey at 59 and have been loving every minute of it.

Hello, I’ve just found the virtual instructor and can’t believe what’s on offer and so just signed up :grinning: I’m excited to get going.

I’m from the UK and 39 years old and have been a full time graphic designer for last 15 years. When I was younger I drew quite a bit and enjoyed it, but never got good really. So over the last 30 days (on day 25 so far) I challenged myself to do a sketch a day to get myself going and into it… And I have truly loved it…But now I want to get some foundations in place and go deeper with my drawing and see where it takes me.

Here a are a couple of drawings I’ve done over last few days. Look forward to meeting you all



Great job with the sketches. I had the same intention but didn’t quite made it. Welcome aboard.

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Welcome @Dannomiss89 ! The Virtual Instructor forum community is just, golden. Every one gives advice, knows a little about this and that, truly a great place to grow as an artist. Your sketches are nice! I also did a daily art thing that another artist challenged me to, it really helped me improve, so I’m all for these things! Keep up the great work, would love to see more! Jesus loves you!!!

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Thank you so much. Now to work out where to start on the courses as there is so much content :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the encouragement - much appreciated. I have surprised myself these last 25 days as I get back into draw. So its time to nurture whats in me now :slight_smile:

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Yes, there is a lot of content. I would recommend starting with 25 days to better drawing and Guide to graphite. Then, pick your favorite among all the other courses. You might want to join the Live lessons. Take a look at the previous ones to get an idea.


Welcome Connie! I was an old art major and felt the same way when I found Matt’s lessons. I have learned more from him (especially through the critiques) than I did in my BFA program. I am at a stage in my life when I have nothing to prove - just freedom to enjoy learning and creating. This is a very encouraging community.

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Welcome Connie!

I was never an art major but started on my own. I too have learned so much from the critiques. I have watched almost all of them and some more than once. I think that both Matt and Ashley are amazing teachers, and I too am so glad I found the Virtual Instructor community. I especially appreciate how they teach us the basics but encourage us to find our own style of expressing out art.

I just finished my first year and am looking forward to the upcoming year of learning even more under the teaching styles of Matt and Ashley.

I look forward to seeing some of your artwork!


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Hello everyone. I am excited to be part of this art community. I have been creating art for about 4 years now but just recently signed up with Matt. I am currently doing Pastel, Acrylic, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Charcoal and graphite. I haven’t had a chance to scroll through all of what is sure to be some fantastic artwork by you all. I reside in North Texas for anyone out there who may be close by. Art is my everyday passion and what gets my old bones out of bed everyday : ) I look forward to getting to know everyone… Art hugs… PJ


Hello PJ,

Welcome to the VI community! I to use art to get my weary bones out of bed. It keeps me going. Since Neurological Lyme Disease disabled me, art is what helps keep everything straight.

I also am dabbling in acrylics, water mixable oils, soft and oil pastels (love oil pastels!), graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, watercolor, inks, etc. I can’t learn enough. Especially the live lessons with the interaction of other members and the Critiques. It is worth going back and watching all of them. I am almost through all the critiques and on bad days I watch some of the past live lessons. So educational!

Look forward to seeing some of your artwork! Again, Welcome to the VI Community.


Hi everyone! My name is Brenda. I started courses on The Virtual Instructor 2 to 3 months ago, and I am obsessed! I have some art background, but never was really serious. Now, I’m drawing every day and can’t wait for the chance to sit down and draw or work on a project in progress. I’m a retired photographer/graphic designer, help homeschool my 10-year-old granddaughter, and love the outdoors. My hope is to hone my drawing skills and figure out which medium or mediums I love the most and what my style is. I’m currently working on the portrait class.

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Hello @Pjsart! Welcome! We’re excited to have you as part of the community! I saw some of your art, and I’ll go comment on it! :grin: (art hugs…I like that!) Jesus loves you!!!

Hi @Brenda! Welcome to the forums! Can’t wait to see your work and growth as an artist! Jesus loves you!!!

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Hi guys👋
Im Araela.
Im a homeschooled highschooler.
An INFP for all you personality suckers out there😉.
I really love fantasy and fashion and music and art and…well the list goes on. Cant wait to " meet" everybody!:blush:

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Hi Wren! Welcome! What Virtual Instructor courses have you tried out? Please share your work with us. :slight_smile:

Hey there @wren07! Nice to “meet” you! :wave: This community is real awesome, and we do all things art! (I mean it, sculptures, graphite, pen, digital, 3D, we do it ALL.) Can’t wait to see your work! Jesus loves you!!!

Hey @Dannomiss89! I was reading your intro just now and my brother also wants to be a graphic designer but doesn’t want to have to go to school for it. Any tips? Also- I love the Uk but have never been. Do you see a lot of the beautiful scenery that it is known and loved for a lot? Thank you and good work!!!